Master Key to Time Management: How to Use Your Time Effectively for Your Success

Master Key to Time Management:

How to Use Your Time Effectively for Your Success

Successful time management does not mean doing all the things you would like to do. It means that you decide which tasks you will do and which you will postpone for the next day. It means that you will not forget any important work.

Here is a technique for time management that I have used for more than twenty years. I like this technique. It is simple and it works.

One American businessman once paid $ 25,000 for this same technique.

Make a list of all the things you want to do in the next few days. The tasks you must do today, mark them "A". Those tasks you do not have to finish today, but you would like to, mark them "B". Mark the remaining tasks as "C". Then consider all the tasks marked "A", and mark them as "A1", "A2", etc. "A1" means that you will do it first. "A2" means that you will do it after doing the "A1" task.

Everyday start doing "A" tasks starting with A1. If all "A" tasks are done, or if you are waiting for some "A" task to complete and you do not have any more "A" tasks, then start doing "B" tasks.

At the end of the day, copy the incomplete tasks to a new paper. You can add any new tasks. Then you again begin marking them as "A1", "A2", ..., "B1",..., "C1", etc.

Use this technique for two weeks. If you can use it patiently for two weeks, I believe you will use this for rest of your life.


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