Confederation of All-India Traders asks for CBI inquiry into GST portal issues

The Confederation of All-India Traders (CAIT) has put out a statement asking for an inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigations into why InfosysBSE -0.36 % and other companies involved in the creation of the GST portal have failed to ensure its satisfactory performance.
“Even after four months of GST implementation in the country, the GST Portal which was supposed to function properly from 1st July itself is still working like an experiment project causing much harassment and mental concern to traders across Country,” the statement said.
CAIT said the portal’s problems could be construed as a ‘betrayal of the nation.’ CAIT has also asked for a third-party audit into technical and other issues related to the project.
“The CAIT has also demanded the government to release a white paper on as on date status of GST portal. The poor functioning of portal has brought bad name for a good taxation system like GST and utter frustration to the traders who are mostly unable to make GST compliance on account of mal-functioning of the Portal,” the statement said.
Issues related to the tax-filing portal have dogged the heels of India’s most ambitious tax reform to date. The government has had to delay multiple filing deadlines in response.
Infosys did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.
Source- Economic Times.


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