Centre contemplating to bring petrol, diesel under GST: Athawale

The Narendra Modi government is contemplating to bring petrol and diesel under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Union Minister Ramdas Athawale said here on Tuesday.

“We have done so much work, but there is some problem pertaining to petrol and diesel prices. The issue persists even though the prices have fallen a bit. But the Centre is contemplating to bring petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST,” the Union Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment said at a news conference here.

“If petrol and diesel are brought under GST, it will help bring down their prices by Rs 20-30, which will provide relief to people of this country including the middle class and common masses,” he added.

Athawale said the states should also cut the taxes on petrol and diesel to provide some relief to people.

In the past, the opposition parties have demanded that petroleum products be brought under GST.

Asked about the Congress pointing fingers at the Modi government over the Rafale jet deal, Athawale said, “There is no corruption involved. The Congress and Rahul Gandhi are spreading lies.”

Athawale also defended the Centre’s decision to send CBI Director Alok Kumar Verma and his deputy, Special Director Rakesh Asthana on leave.

“Under such circumstances, how could the government have kept such officers in office. Had the government not sent them on leave, then the Congress would have said why no action was taken. When we took action then they are speaking otherwise. The Congress is looking to hold a protest on every issue,” he said.

On Friday, the Congress, led by its president Rahul Gandhi, staged protests outside CBI offices across the country against the Centre’s decision.

Speaking about the next year’s general election, the Republican Party of India (RPI-A) leader claimed the NDA will win over 400 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, while the Congress will not bag more than 70.

“The BJP will increase its tally to 300-plus seats in the Lok Sabha and overall the NDA will get over 400 seats,” he claimed.

“We will go to people on the basis of the work the NDA government has done. Rahul Gandhi is practising a lot for the 2019 match, but the Congress cannot score beyond 60-70 runs, I mean they cannot get more than these many seats,” he said.

The Union minister said the BJP will win comfortably in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The two states go to polls next month.

In Rajasthan, where polling will be held on December 7, he said though there is a tough fight, the NDA will win.

Athawale reiterated his demand for raising the reservation for the economically weak sections of all castes to 75 per cent from the existing around 50 per cent, with an additional 25 per cent quota in government jobs and colleges.

He said he has always demanded reservation for economically backward classes from all castes, be it Jats in Haryana, Patels in Gujarat, Marathas in Maharashtra or Brahmins.

“The reservation given to SCs, STs and OBCs should remain intact, but there are many other castes who are also demanding reservation..25 per cent reservation should be for these castes,” he said.

He added his party wants the government to bring a bill in this regard in Parliament.

Athawale claimed granting reservation to others will also help bring down the atrocities against Dalits.

“One of the reasons for atrocities against Dalits is that they are getting the benefit of reservation, while the others are feeling left out,” he said.

Source- Business Standard.

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