GST: 7 held for not issuing bills to buyers, fined Rs 20,000 each

    CHANDIGARH: In a special drive conducted by the excise and taxation department of the Chandigarh administration to penalise businessmen, shopkeepers and traders for not issuing bills to the customers, the officials have caught seven persons in the last week.

    Each caught violator has been penalised with Rs 20,000. They have also been warned to issue bills to the customers in the future. All the key markets, industrial areas, furniture markets and transport areas are under the surveillance of the department.

    The defaulters have been caught in the act at the electronic market in the Industrial Area and the furniture market of the city. As the department has received a tip-off that this malpractice is going on in other markets too, three special teams have been constituted to keep an eye on all markets.

    “We deploy our people just a few metres away from the shops and keep a watch on the shopkeepers. After the sale is concluded, we approach the customer and ask for the bill. In case of non-billing, we go to the shop and penalise them according to the act which dictates that Rs 20,000 penalty has to be imposed on violators for not issuing bills”, a senior official of the department revealed.

    An official of the excise and taxation department revealed that according to GST Act, every purchase beyond RS 200 is required to have a proper bill from the shopkeeper. Since Chandigarh is a union territory, both UT and Central GST is imposed here, each carry a penalty of Rs 10,000 making the price steep – Rs 20,000 – in case of violation.

    Earlier, the department in its report submitted to the UT administration has maintained that number of dubious bill exchange is up in the Shastri market and furniture market. The report was prepared after UT detected that nearly 305 firms availed maximum input tax credit in last two years.

    Source- Times of India.

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