Not issuing GST bills to buyers to cost Chandigarh retailers Rs 25,000

    Excise dept also plans to start awareness campaign to encourage customers to seek bills for every purchase

    Launching a crackdown on evasion of goods and services tax (GST), the UT excise and taxation department has formed teams to challan retailers not issuing bills to customers.

    At the same time, the department is working on launching a mass awareness campaign to exhort buyers to demand GST bills on every retail purchase.

    It has formed teams for all nine wards under it to keep a tab on retailers not issuing bills, a major cause of revenue leakage.

    “The departments aims to issue at least one challan in every ward every month to send out the message to violators. A fine of ₹25,000 can be imposed on violators for every violation found,” said a senior UT excise and taxation department official, requesting anonymity.

    The shopkeepers will be also penalised if they don’t mention the break-up of GST – UT GST and central GST.

    Confirming this, Ajoy Kumar Sinha, UT finance secretary, said, “The excise and taxation department will be taking steps to increase the incidence of bill issuance by retailers. Shopkeepers violating the provisions of GST will be penalised as per law.”


    The department has also decided to take action against composition dealers who charge GST from buyers. A composition dealer is a retailer with less than ₹2.5-crore annual turnover, and is required to pay tax at 2% on the total sales.

    “It has been observed that some composition dealers are illegally charging GST from consumers. In fact, they must have display boards outside their shops stating ‘No GST is charged here’. Such violators will be penalised as per law,” the official added.


    The department plans to start a mass awareness campaign targeting different segments of consumers. People will be encouraged to demand bills at the time of a purchase.

    “For this purpose, poster-making and slogan-writing competitions are being planned. Besides, workshops for students and teachers are in the works in association with the education department. Awareness messages will also be shared through newspaper advertisements and radio broadcasts,” the official said.

    Source- Hindustan Times.

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