Petrol and diesel should be brought under the purview of GST, common people will benefit: Madhya Pradesh minister

    INDORE: Before the presentation of the Union Government’s General Budget, the Commercial Tax Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Brajendra Singh Rathore, on Thursday advocated for bringing petroleum products under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Rathore told reporters here that I am personally clear that the central government should bring petrol and diesel under the purview of GST, so that the poor, farmers and common people of the country benefit.

    It is to be noted that due to petroleum products being out of the purview of GST, state governments are charging value-added tax (VAT) and other tax-cess at different rates. This recovery has a major contribution to the tax revenue of the state governments. On the demand of industry-trade industry to simplify the GST system, the Commercial Tax Minister said that the GST system was formed in a hurry. Due to this the GST Council has to make frequent amendments in this system.

    When asked about the impact of economic slowdown on tax revenue, Rathore said that the economic conditions of the country are definitely not going very well. We hope that the central government in its upcoming budget will take special care of how to deal with the current situation. He said that as far as Madhya Pradesh is concerned, we are trying our best to increase tax revenue by removing the deficiencies at our level.

    The Commercial Taxes Minister termed the state’s major opposition party BJP’s charge as “astonishingly ridiculous” that the Kamal Nath-led Congress government was promoting liquor sales through relaxation of rules and regulations. Rathore said that during the tenure of the previous BJP government in the state, tax revenue was stolen from illegal sale of liquor in the state and its money used to go to the middleman’s pocket. We have curbed this tax evasion.

    Source- Times Now.

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